Shoe Tree #2

Roadside America

July 18, 2011

I left Susanville after picking up two essentials at Wal Mart- beer and deodorant.  While there I let the top down on a cool summer morning and headed further north. 


I went through this section of road that lasted a couple of mile where there were black-eyed Susie’s on either side of the road for about a mile each way.  It was beautiful.  And there I did run into my old friends the prong horn sheep.  For an animal that is supposedly facing extinction they seem to be every where.  I only have one thing to say to them:”HIDE’ and then you would not be facing extinction. Hiding amongst a bunch of yellow flowers is not going to help your cause,


And as luck would have it I got my one and only hit of the day with Shoe Tree #2.  It was not as spectacular as Shoe Tree #1 and the shoes available were hardly worth stealing.  But these shoe trees are not as common as one might believe and scoring two of them in two days is just special.


Shoe Tree # 2


After that it was just beautiful scenery as I traveled up the Oregon Outback Scenic Byway.  It is all high desert and very pretty.  I travelled alongside the Abert Rim which is the largest geological fault in America. I think there are much larger faults in Washington but they probably are not geological.  The scenery was just fabulous but it is all so vast it is hard to get a decent picture of it.

it is a sign


I went through the town of Likely.  I first noticed it when I came upon the Likely Cemetery where everyone is likely dead.  I know there is a likely a better joke in a town named Likely but I can’t come up with it.


Then I went through Paisley where they were touting their upcoming  Mosquito Festival.  I guess after all of the fruits and vegetables are taken it is just natural to gravitate to the insects as a theme for festival.  I wonder what Miss Mosquito looks like.  In Oakdale, near where I live, they have the Testicle Festival that I have never attended on principal. Coming from South Louisiana I don’t think the Mosquito Festival is going to work any better for me.


As I moved further north the clouds came in and the temperature dropped to 59 degrees.  I finally gave up and put the top up.  A few miles down the road the light rain started and it put a damper on the day.  I called it an early day and checked into a motel in Bend Oregon.




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