Oregon’s Cascades

Roadside America

July 19, 2011

I awoke to a rainy morning but with a promise to clear up.  I had to leave the top up on the car.  That was not in my plans.  I may have to change my plans.


I headed out onto the Cascades Scenic byway on a rainy morning.  As I climbed up Mt Bachelor the fog set in and made it a pretty dreary day. I tried to stay optimistic about the weather as I caught little glimpses of blue sky. It was 49 degrees and dropping but the good news was that my little rag top was just as snug as could be.  I am not sure that this car has ever been out in the rain before.  The windshield wipers worked and they could be 24 years old like the rest of the car.


When I got up to Mt Bachelor there was snow right up to the side of the road.  It was 3 feet high in some places.  But there were lots of pretty alpine lakes which made me understand why they call this the Cascade Lakes scenic byway.



Rainy day









I finished driving that scenic byway and then got on the West Cascades scenic byway gong north.  I did come up on a nice covered bridge in Westfir.  There is also a really nice B and B right across the street.


Covered Bridge Westfir









The byway was just lovely with the trees forming a canopy over the roadway.  There was the prerequisite rushing stream along the road.  The entire thing would have been beautiful if it had been clear and sunny but it was not. It was still fun to drive the curvy road and it was very lonely up there.  I am pretty sure I could hear banjo music.


As the day carried on so did the rain. It got to be a bit depressing and I was ready for it either to end or for me to head south back to California. Having a convertible in Oregon is like having birth control in nunnery.  It is nice to have but you are never going to use it.


So I pulled into Salem on a balmy 62 degree day.  My little car is dirty.  I had some beer and considered my options.


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