Umpqua-Rouge scenic byway

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July 20, 2011


The day started out clouded and cold and I was bummed out.  Having a convertible that you can’t use is like having six pack abs and not being able to take your shirt off. Not that I would know. Well at least I have a convertible.  But I soldiered on taking the freeway-ughh.  This was just humiliating.  I never take the freeway.  But I had to make my way south as fast as I could to get out of the rain.  But I did run across the Enchanted Forest along the way.  This is one of those made-to-order things that I rather despise but I was desperate for ways to make this a positive day.


Enchanted Forest







So I turned onto the Umpqua-Rogue scenic byway.  And the sun came out.  And I did not care that it was 61 degrees I ripped the top off of the bitch, turned the heater on ‘max’ and put my jacket on and zipped it all the way up.  And then it just got prettier and better.




Topless and looking good







I turned off at the Crater Lake exchange and started heading up the road to Crater Lake on the Volcano Legacy scenic byway.  I got up to about 7500 feet in altitude and the views and the snow pack were incredible.  This was July 20th but there was one heck of a lot of snow.


Pretty view at Crater Lake







I turned further south bound to get back to California where the weather is very predictable and good.  As I made my way south I stopped in Klamath Falls, a city that does not get a lot of press.  What a great looking little town AND they have a train station.   This may be fodder for a future train trip. As I made my way into California road construction was a real issue.  It kept me from getting a better picture of the ‘Second’ tallest flag pole in the country.  It was in the town of Dorris which does not have a lot going for it.  You would think those over achievers in Texas would cut them a break and let them have the title.  In any case the second tallest flag pole has one thing in common with the second biggest ball of twine in that I have visited both.  So there.

Second tallest flag pole






I pushed further south and the weather and the scenery just got better and better.  As I approached the town of Weed (yes it is a town) the awe inspiring Mt Shasta rose out of the valley floor.  Wow!  Just wow!  This hill can be seen from a hundred miles away on a clear day and there are a lot of clear days.

Mt Shasta-July 20th and still covered in snow


I pulled into the town of Weed at about cocktail time.  I passed by the town of North Weed and went on down to South Weed which has a much more significant cultural climate. (For those of you who do not know Weed, it is a town of 3,000 people at the base of Mt Shasta.  In one of the great marketing feats of modern history it has been divided into, South, Middle and North Weed. It gives certain panache to a town that is pretty much a collection of gas stations and motels. ) (And ‘yes’ I am pretty sure that the main crop and the town name are one and the same)


So I checked into a little motel and put the little MB away for the night.  What started out as a rather depressing day ended up pretty nice. You never know what you are going to get.



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3 responses to “Umpqua-Rouge scenic byway

  1. kyle

    You are almost in Chico. Stop by the Athletics Department at Butte College and give me a hollar!


    • Bob

      I guess I blew on by before I got your message. It would have been good to see you.

      The way I meander it is likely I will be up that way again before you know it.


  2. Danelle

    Wish I had l read your posts earlier. I’m in Ashland, Oregon at the moment, so I believe you were close by. I’m attending shoe school for two weeks.


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