Road trip

Road Trip




Pretty Flower

Sheldon and I took a ride up to the north end of the island. We travelled through the lava fields that are near the airport and then very quickly entered another lush section of the island. Where the road ends is a wilderness area that is where King Kamehameha (also known as Kalani Paiʻea Wohi o Kaleikini Kealiʻikui Kamehameha o ʻIolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho Kūnuiākea)was raised as a young boy. He was raised in this desolate area because it was feared that he would be killed by warring factions on the island. At the age of 14 he lifted the 5,000 pound Naha stone which meant he was destined to be king. I think it is more likely he had his thumb on the scale. If he could lift a 5,000 pound stone it does not seem like he would need much protection or that he would want to be king. He should have become a lineman in the NFL.


Palolu Beach

If you look at King Kamehameha’s full name you will notice that it makes full use of the entire Hawaiian alphabet. There are five vowels and 7 consonants. Every word must end in a vowel and every consonant must be followed by at least one vowel. Every syllable must end in a vowel. And that, dear friends, is why there are no spelling bee contests on Hawaii. Even the judges would not know if the word was spelled correctly.

Then we stopped on the way back in the town of Hawi for some lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Some Mexican vaqueros had been imported to help raise the cattle on the Parker ranch about 180 years ago. Now they are paniolo but their wives still make a good taco.

Then it was back south on the lush road next along the Kohala mountain range. The hills were very pretty rolling green hills with lots of live stock of all varieties. Then it was down the Mamalahoa Hwy back to Kona and some cold beers at Humpy’s. (I could be making up words like ‘Mamalahoa’ and none of you would know. You know you are not going to check.)

Monday night football at Humpy’s is a little more interesting in that they have a passing contest from the deck of the bar. These two cute girls put up a couple of garbage cans on the sand volleyball court and whoever wants to can try to pitch a nerf ball into the can. The one who makes the most ‘completions’ wins a prize. It was definitely more interesting than watching the Rams lose another one. This is what passes for entertainment in Kona-no pun intended.


This is just weird.



So I did my normal routine and went to the gym this morning. I did have to hump a box full of goodies with me so I could go to the post office and mail it home for Christmas. I kind of felt like Santa Claus with a back pack full of goodies. Well, it was only the one package. And I was wearing flip flops. And I don’t have a beard. But I am fat enough so I am going with the Santa Claus analogy. I am working on being Big Kahuna though. I just need to get my belly a little browner.

Then it was up on the roof where I spent the entire day. Sheldon and Jeannie called and were wandering around town but I opted to stay on the roof. I eat, I read, I sleep up there. I am not sure why I rented the rest of the place. And now there is a guy fixing the roof on the place next door so I now have a project. I love projects where someone else does all of the work.

Sheldon and Jeannie eventually made their way to the roof where we sat and chatted for a while. Jennie called it an early night Sheldon and I retired to Rosa’s for some margaritas made by Capt. Tio and some shrimp cocktails by no one I know.




Blue Gecko

Wednesday was a very quiet day. I had the usual trip to the gym followed by a trip to the post office to mail another package. They have automated tellers in this post office and perhaps in every post office for all I know. I would have to think that they are going to be the end of the post office as we know it.

I went up and read on the roof until a sprinkle made me go in. Rain is rare here and this was hardly what you could call a rain. Just a spritz. It was enough to make me concerned about my book getting wet so I went in. There is a point about a mile east of the condo where it seems to always be raining. It is amazing how just a few miles of distance can make for such a difference in climate.

I spent a quiet evening at home which was a first for me. I think I am becoming domesticated.



After my typical morning I got together with Sheldon and we went off for a ride to Disappearing Sands beach, Mokolea Beach and the town of Captain Cook. Now that all sounds like a lot to do but it only covered about 10 miles.


Beach has not disappeared yet.

Disappearing Sands or Magic beach is known for having all of its sand washed away in big storms. The beach is just black lava which is pretty much what the entire island is made of. There are not a lot of beaches here as the big island of Hawaii is the youngest of the Hawaiian chain and it has not had enough time to crush rock into sand. It is also the only state in the USA that gets larger every day as the lava flow Mauna Loa has been flowing into ocean, adding real estate, for about 20 years now with no sign of stopping.


Mokolea Beach is mostly tide pools formed by lava. There is a beach there but it seems like snorkeling is the activity of choice with the ubiquitous surfing.

From there we went to Captain Cook, which is a town, not a person. The person, Captain Cook was killed by the Hawaiians in 1779. At first they considered him a deity but on one of his returns to the Big Island he got into a disagreement and he was killed in a skirmish.



Today I got the first in series of roommates. Sheldon’s rental ran out so he is occupying the upstairs loft until he goes back to Moose Jaw.

We went out and had some lunch at Bubba Gump’s and then it was time for my afternoon nap. After having a beer with Sheldon up on the roof we went over to Humpy’s to watch some college play off games. Then we split up and I eventually went over to Rosa’s to listen to the music. I found Jeannie there having dinner. It was not but a couple of minutes before we were joined once again by Sheldon. This is either a small town or I am in a rut.


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