Changing gears



This was a day of switching rental cars. Sheldon had to have his in by a certain time and I could only pick mine up at a certain time and getting those two times to overlap was a bit of a challenge. But being two smart fellas we were able to manage that. Then it was a day of watching football. Pretty boring really.



On Sunday I shifted gears just a little. I did get to the gym and I did watch my usual football games. But in the afternoon I went to the airport and picked up Dodie who arrived to spend a week with me over Christmas. Dodie is my new girl friend. This is something we had been trying to keep under wraps for a while since she is the Social Director of the very small neighborhood we both live in. While we both love it there it is pretty much like living in a fish bowl and gossip is rampant. But at some point she had to let people know she was joining me in Hawaii for a week… so that cat is out of the bag. I think most people knew already. Dodie and I were just kidding ourselves that we could keep that quiet in any case.

Dodie arrived on schedule but her luggage did not. This is not exactly how you want to start a vacation but I had a good solution. Since she arrived at 3 o’clock and it is a state law that Happy Hour starts at 3 o’clock we sat out in the car and drank wine for a half hour. By that time the next flight from Honolulu had come in and her bag was on that flight. After two glasses of wine I am not sure she cared so much.

Once we got back to the condo we continued with happy hour and had some pupus. Then we went walk around town which is not a really long walk. But if one weaves a bit it makes it a little longer. We finally ended up at Rosa’s for one of Tio’s famous margaritas. We ran into Jeannie, who was already there, and were soon joined by Sheldon. So we had a nice visit. Then it was on to Huggo’s on the Rocks to listen to some music and to dance in the sand. As they say in Canada,” Not a bad life eh?”




Mauna Kea

After a leisurely breakfast Dodie, Sheldon and I took off to Mauna Kea with the thought of driving all the way to the top. Mauna Kea is 13,796 feet above sea level and with the portion that is below the sea it is the tallest mountain in the world. Because of its location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and being up above most of the clouds, it makes a great observation and weather forecasting site. There are several countries that lease a spot on the top of the mountain for this purpose. It receives no government funds at all and seems to be thriving in spite of that. Who would have thought that could happen?

We got to the Visitor’s Center which is at 9,000 feet and realized we had made a tactical error by arriving in flip flops and t-shirts to what was pretty much an Arctic climate. There were kids there dressed in their snowboarding outfits which was more fitting as it was 40 degrees with a fresh breeze blowing. The road to the top was barricaded. I asked one of the rangers if I could drive to the top and he told me they had the road closed for snow removal. I said, “Thank You” repeatedly. That answer worked for me as it was way too cold.

So we returned to the warm confines of our condo lanai and listened to the sound of the waves on the shore which is much better than the sound of chattering teeth. We watched a power delayed Monday Night Football and then wandered over to the ABC store to pick up some Spam for breakfast. We had a night cap at Rosa’s and looked at bartender Lea’s art. Another day wasted in paradise.


The other white meat


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