Christmas is coming



Crew Change

This was the day to change out room mates. Paul, the personal trainer at our neighborhood gym, was scheduled to arrive and Sheldon had to return to frosty Moose Jaw, Canada.

I picked up Paul at the airport in the morning and delivered Sheldon to the airport in the afternoon. Along with some visiting and catching up that pretty much filled up the day. We did manage to stroll through town, watch a game at Humpy’s, and have a cocktail at Rosa’s.

When I first arrived at this condo there was this beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers on the dining room table. I sniffed at them and pushed them to the back of the table and never thought about them again. About a week later the petals started falling off of the flowers and I thought I had reached a new low in my gardening abilities in that I was able to kill artificial flowers. Turns out they were not artificial after all. So I went down to the farmers market and bought some new ones-$10. They look artificial too.


$10 Flowers



We took a ride over to Akaka Falls. As soon as we gained a little in altitude it started raining. It was raining quite hard at the falls so we darted out to take a peek and a picture and then sat in the car and had a picnic. The rain stopped as soon as we got back to our side of the island.


Akaka Falls

The ride over to the Hilo side is about 75 miles but it seems a lot longer. While it rarely rains in Kona, it never seems to stop on the Hilo side of the island. Kona has an annual rainfall of 10 inches while Hilo has an annual rainfall of over 200 inches.


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Kona is pretty much like every other day in Kona- warm, breezy with a chance of showers. There are the decorated light poles in town and any number of inflatable Christmas displays on the street and carols playing but it is pretty hard to think about it being Christmas with the weather the way it is.

We did have a tree set up in the living room. I bought it at Long’s Drugs and had made Sheldon set it up before he had left. So we were all set. Dodie and I went out and got the last few fixings we needed for Christmas dinner which was mostly champagne for mimosas. That somehow managed to take all day. Or we just wasted the rest of the day. I can’t remember.

We had dinner at Bubba’s and then retired to the condo to watch “A Christmas Story”. Then it was early to bed to wait for Santa to arrive.




We awoke to the sound of singing from the nearby churches. After drinking a few mimosas and listening to the music I could almost believe I was in Bethlehem. We opened our Christmas gifts to each other and then we sent Paul off to snorkel with the dolphins. We made breakfast of soft boiled eggs. Making those took quite a while and I don’t think the mimosas helped.

When Paul returned we watched a movie and then fixed a late dinner of steak, potato and green beans. After watching a football game we went off to Huggo’s to listen to some music. It was a nice Hawaiian Christmas day.


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