Hiking Hawaii



This was a sad day because I had to return Dodie back to her workaday world in Manteca. That left me with Paul which did not seem very fair. But Dodie had to get back to her demanding public at Wrinkle Ranch so I took her to the airport and sent her on her way.

Once she left I took Paul to South Point. I was beginning to feel like a tour guide at this point as this was my third trip there in about ten days. And there is literally nothing there except wind. And some kids jumping into the ocean off of a cliff. Or maybe they just got blown off the cliff. There was a lot of screaming involved so I can’t be certain if they went over the edge willingly.

Back at the condo we watched Monday Night football and then had a cocktail at LuLu’s



No longer having Dodie to distract me, it was back to working on the blog and back to the gym. Paul went out on a scuba trip.

I don’t know what else happened on this day. I may have killed off my last brain cell.



After the usual trek to the gym Paul and I went over to Bubba Gump’s for lunch. Then we took a ride to the north end of the island to where a trail leads to Pololu beach. We hiked down what is a pretty steep and rugged trail to the black sand beach. There is a stream that pours into the ocean there. The valley inland looks like a Garden of Eden and it will probably stay that way for some time due to the threat of tsunami.


Pololu black sand beach



We decided to take one more trip to South Point and do the hike to Green Sand beach. There is a jeep trail to the beach but we decided it would be better to walk it.

The wind is usually pretty strong at this end of the island but today it was stronger than usual. While this made for some strong waves crashing on the shore it also kicked up a lot of sand to blow in our eyes.


After a brisk 3 mile walk we were looking down on Green Sand beach. The sand is made up of olivine or peridot and is a decided olive green. It was a long hike down from the edge to get to the actual beach.


Green Sand beach


We hiked back to the car and with the wind at our back it was a much nicer walk. By the time we got to the car we were filthy with trail dust to the point where it looked we had gotten a spray on tan.



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