Back in the saddle again


Back in the saddle again


It is time, or so I think, for an update of what I have been doing since my return from Hawaii.

I came back from Hawaii to go through a round of doctors’ visit. There was good news and bad news. The good news is that I am probably going to live a lot longer than originally thought. The bad news is I now have to do long range planning. I am not going to go crazy on the planning thing because my plans all seem to get derailed.

A few years back I use to bore you my travel tales as witnessed from the back of a 2008 Can Am Spyder three wheeler. It was the 610 one ever built. Well it wore out, I wore out, I sold it and I started looking for a new means of transportation

Somewhere in there along came my pretty little 24 year old Mercedes SL. It was rough in places when I got it but I polished it right up to the point where it was perfect. It was so perfect that I became scared to drive it. And then a young lady of about the same age as the car came along and just had to have it so I sold it to her.


1987 560SL Viagra Blue

Then into my life came one of the first Fiat 500’s brought to North America. I got selected in a lottery to the rights to buy #183, so I did. This is like winning the rights to be the first executed so you at least get a clean needle. A car designed in Italy, built in Mexico with an engine from disgruntled UAW should be pretty much trouble free wouldn’t you think. Actually it was. And it was fun car with a lot of amenities and a real hoot to drive. But it was a bit small and I sold it after a year. It now belongs to a genetic scientist at UC Davis who just loves it.


Number 183. I don’t know the girl’s number.

So now I am getting short on wheels and decided to rent a 2012 Lexus. The entire deal was done by e mail, they put the first payment on credit card and away I went. While It is hard to go wrong with a Lexus it is pretty hard to get excited about one either. But it is a good car for this point in my life and I do intend to keep it for more than a year. (My neighbors are all saying,”Yeah..Right.”)


2012 Lexus RX350 Boring but useful

So now I have a dependable ride but I am bored to tears. After sitting down and thinking about it a bit, I decided that the best part of my travels had been done on a Can AM Spyder. So I bought another one.


New to me Spyder

For those of you who have seen the first one that I owned, this one is identical. It is a 2008 Spyder and this one happens to be the 104th one built. The owner lived fairly close by and had only put 3100 miles on it in five years. For reference I had put 45,000 miles on my first one in two years.


Figure 1: #104

So I have been busy pouring money into this thing because that is what one does with a motorbike. Working on it and putting new Farkles on it is at least half of the fun. The other half of the fun is riding it and I have put about 1,000 miles on it in the last four weeks.

I do not have any long range plans for it but I have no reason to NOT go out trekking again other than maybe a little more common sense. We shall see. Judging by my map below I have not visited even half of the states. If Alaska was not so far off shore I would go there next. Stay tuned.



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