Fiddletown Ryde


Fiddle town RYde

May6, 2012


Having been house bound for a couple of days because of a relentless spring wind, it was time to get on the New Recluse and Ryde. Sunday was a clear and quiet day and I thought I would go put some miles on my new to me scooter before it started blowing like stink in the afternoon. The temperature was just about perfect in the low 70’s. The New Recluse has been purring like a kitten with some upgrades that I have put on it, most notably a variable windscreen and an idler arm that tensions the drive belt properly.

So I went north on Jack Tone road until it hit hwy 88 as it goes up into the foothills. The valley roads are pretty much straight and boring but with the spring weather and the new crops coming up even these right angle, flat roads were fun to drive. Once I headed up hwy 88 into the Gold Country things got a lot more interesting with hills and curves and vineyards.

I took highway 124 up to the wine country that no one seems to know about. The Shenandoah Road, west of Placerville has a lot of fairly new wineries that most people seem to ignore. Since they are set in some of the most beautiful landscape this side of Napa and no one goes to them very much, they are just about perfect to me.

I did stop on the side of the road to take a picture and I had no sooner stopped than a burly guy in a pick up truck with a dog and a lot of ink stopped to see if I needed some help. We chatted for a bit and came to realize that we had Route 66 in common. Of course he had the map of route 66 tattooed on his forearm and all I had was this silly blog. In any case it was just one biker looking out for another even if I do have an extra wheel and he is one wheel short because he rides a Harley.


Wine barrels waiting to be filled.

But I was out for a ride and instead of going into the wineries I headed up Fiddletown Road and boy was I glad I did. It is a twisty little thing that leads to of all places-Fiddletown. It is very quiet there on a Sunday morning. I suspect it is very quiet there pretty much all of the time. Maybe they fiddle on Saturday night and rest on Sunday morning. Who knows?


Fiddletown on a Sunday morning.

From there I went on to Volcano along what is now one of my favorite roads. Volcano is another quiet little gold rush town but this one had people moving about and some points of interest like a cannon that was actually used in a Civil War battle there in Volcano.

Then it was on to Mountain Ranch which actually seems to be a living town. It is definitely not New York but there were people there and plenty of things to take a picture of.


Volcano Hotel

I made my way to West Point and on to Railroad Flat. Railroad Flat is not much of a town at all but it does have some of the most beautiful meadows I have ever seen.


Railroad Flat

I continued south on Railroad Flat road and came to Mountain Ranch which is a small town but there were services there and some people. There were lots of photo ops too.


Mountain Ranch Fire Dept.


Mountain Ranch U Haul.


Mountain Ranch P O. Note the number of boxes.

I got to San Andreas which seems like a city compared to the other places I had been seeing. I got some fuel for both the New Recluse and me and then I was off on Pool Station road to Copperopolis. This was another great choice as it was practically deserted and took me past some open pit mines with these dark blue pits of water in them.

Once I got to Copperopolis I jumped on Hwy 4 and headed back home. I traveled 185 miles and was kind of beat from wrestling with the curvy roads. But I had seen a lot of new scenery in my back yard and now have another ‘favorite’ ride.


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