Going North for a Test Run

Going North for a Test Run

May 22, 2012


Day 1 Route

I had been working on new-to-me Spyder #104 for some time. I had put on a new windshield, adjustable windshield bracket, belt tensioner, heat shield, air management system, up and out mirror extensions, throttle lock and so on. I had been working on my old body too. I had also lost 23 pounds since I returned from Hawaii and I had gotten myself in the best shape I had ever been in –ever. So I thought it was time to take this show on the road. I found a window in my softball schedule and decided to take off for Destination Anywhere.

I loaded up on an early Tuesday morning and got ready to head out. The first thing I noticed was that I had suffered a head and neck injury in the double header I had played the day before. I had had repeated run-ins with the left field fence, one of them serious enough to strain my neck and leave this imprint of “ecneF US” on my forehead. That’s “US Fence” backwards. I did catch a few foul balls in the process but no one will remember that. They will only remember the part where I ran into things.

I fired up the New Recluse and headed up highway 4. I never get tired of going up highway 4 which has to be one of the most scenic highways in the US. Once one goes through Arnold there is practically no traffic on this road and some of the most magnificent scenery. I got to Alpine Lake and realized that I had probably not met a car in the last 50 miles. Once past Alpine Lake the road just got better, the air got cleaner and my always sunny disposition improved. It turned into a roller coaster that was barely a lane and a half wide and had many twisting turns. What fun!


Alpine Lake

Then it was down into Meyers to pick up some much needed fuel. I got on highway 88 and travelled down the west side of Lake Tahoe. The lake was beautiful as always and the resort towns along the way were coming to life getting ready for Memorial Day which is the start of the summer season in these parts. The only downside was that the wind was gusting 30 plus. It made me think that heading north into worsening weather might not be a good idea. But it was 68 degrees without a cloud in the sky so on I went.

I took the scenic highway 267 onto hwy 49 to Loyalton. Then it was onto highway 393 in the high desert of the Sierra Nevada’s. While it was pretty, the road was straight and the wind was howling. It was whipping my head around on my already sore neck. I made it to Alturas which is in the northeast corner of California.

I decided to call a halt to the day’s travels at this point. I added some gas, bought some beer and then it began to rain. I found a Motel 8 that would have me and the new Recluse and unloaded for the night. I had traveled 423 miles in 8 hours which is too long a day for me. But the bike behaved well and I had no new aches and pains so it was a successful day as far as test runs go.


Day 1

I had dinner at La Agave Azul in Alturas: Salad Shrimp sautéed with onions and garlic plus chicken nachos. Yum. I was hungry after a long day in the saddle with little to eat. The food in these little towns I stay in never ceases to impress me. Then it was early to bed.


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