A Cold Day

A Cold Day

May 23, 2012


After the previous night’s rain, the dawn arrived 42 degrees cold. While my intention was to head further north on this trip there is nothing like a cold snap to make me rethink my plans. So with that in mind I called my good friend John and told him I was doing a drop in.

I got out on the road and it was cold. At 70 miles per hour I don’t even want to think about what the wind chill factor was. There was no sun to make things any better as I made my way through the mountain passes. I even had to stop once for a cup of coffee to warm up, something I have done only one other time.

But I made it to John’s house in Grants Pass where he immediately offered me a cold beer. I refused. I believe I have only done THAT one other time also. But John and I spent the afternoon running errands and going over his many projects that are all car related. John is building this thing next to his house that we all call the Garagemahal. It is a garage like none other: two stories, parking for five or so cars (only on the first story though), hydraulic lift, bar, killer view, and upstairs bedroom. It is only slightly smaller than his house. It made me want to move to Grants Pass so I could get him to store my stuff.

We also went over to visit new to Oregon residents Dee and Karen in their new house. It is a magnificent thing that Dee hopes to surround with vineyards. It is nice to see people enjoying their retirement years doing the things they want to do. Some of you may remember Dee and Karen from my Getting Mexico trip when we use to go over and steal the fruit from their magnificent home that they have there.

We all gathered at John and Sharon’s house for dinner and drinks and the telling of tales. We had all gone off on a sailing adventure together 20 years prior so we know enough about each other that we have to remain friends in order to keep the secrets. After watching American Idol, something else I have only done one other time, it was off to bed with me.


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