A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

May 24, 2012


Day 3 Route

When I got up on Thursday morning it was threatening rain. I think it always threatens rain in Oregon. I once again had to rethink my plans due to weather. I decided that I was going to head south until it got warm enough and dry enough for my liking or I got home, whichever came first.

In order to avoid the dreaded interstates and the more dreaded mountain passes I headed out to Crescent City on the coast. I had not gone five miles before it started to gently rain. I put on my rain gear. Since this was a test run I thought it would be good to test my rain gear also. Of course a gentle rain turns into something near a hurricane at 70 mph. I did stay relatively dry and comfortable though.

It was still raining in Crescent City so I headed to Fort Bragg figuring I would hold up there for the night. The rain continued but I was doing well with it. By the time I got to Fort Bragg it had quit and I was able to start peeling off my clothing as the temperatures had started to climb also. I turned inland and just kept going with the weather getting warmer and dryer as I went.

I soon found myself back on I5 and a short 100 miles from home. So I did the unthinkable and hopped on the freeway and let the ponies run. Like a barn sour horse the New Recluse ate up the miles. The wind picked up considerably and I found my still sore neck being whipped about by the crosswind. A bit of sand flew into my eye and I had to bail out for a while and pour bottled water into my eye to get the boulder out of there.

I made it to within a mile of home and got stopped by one of the 24 trains that travel through Manteca every day. I got off my bike and a young man came out from the car behind me and we chatted for about a half hour until the train got out of the way. Then I made my way home and put the New Recluse back in the barn having traveled 512 miles which I think is a new record for me. I was amazingly fresh without any major pains other than the neck, which I started with, and the eye which I had just managed to hurt.

It was a good shake down cruise. The bike behaved fabulously and I did pretty well with managing the aches and pains in my old body. I will have to spend some time cleaning up the bike and my gear and getting ready for the next outing wherever that will be. There are still some roads less traveled that I would like to see.



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