Morro Bay

Morro Bay 2012

August 31, 2012

It had been rather warm in the valley. I had also found myself with a break in my moderately busy schedule. So I did the only reasonable thing and hopped on my little three legged burro and headed out looking for a cool ride. After last week’s 107 degree ride through Hanford I wanted to go some place where I knew I would not be subjected to that type of heat again. The only place I could be guaranteed of a cool ride was the Pacific Coast so off I went in that direction.

I followed hwy 33 south on a cool summer morning marveling at all of the fields that were full of crops just about ready to be harvested. At Santa Nella I turned west on 152 and as I climbed the Pacheco Pass the wind gusts were quite phenomenal. I would guess they were in the 30-40 mph range but whatever they were, they made for some white knuckle riding.

When I got over the pass the marine layer was still in place and it got rather cool and damp as I entered Hollister. I turned south onto hwy 25 and pretty much had the next 100 miles of road to myself. A quick jaunt south on 101 and I arrived at my destination-Morro Bay.


The signature rock at Morro Bay entrance

It was a delightfully sunny day with little wind and a temp of about 68 degrees. I threw my stuff in a room at the Twin Dolphin Motel and went off to explore the town. It is a somewhat quiet little tourist town with all of the required taffy shops and t shirt shops. I wandered up and down the main drag sampling the local beers and chatting with whoever happened to be around.


Makes one almost want to go sailing. Almost.

I left the embarcadero and headed inland a couple of blocks where there are more of the local establishments. I wandered into Fuel Dock Saloon and knew I had found home. The whiskey voiced bartender Laura Lynn welcomed me and served me a beer. One of the locals showed me how to negotiate the hors d’oeuvres that Laura Lynn supplies for everyone. The occasional dog would wander in and beg snacks and then disappear. I was told I could go out in the back and smoke but I could only smoke cigarettes. I declined because I really had my heart set on smoking a salmon. Nice place though


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  1. Richard Henry Martin

    Good morning Bob, Richard Henry here. 🙂
    I have heard about people smoking a salmon. One of these days I will have to do with someone who can show me how to get them lit.


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