Morro Bay Day 2

Morro Bay

Up the Coast


Saturday was a new day and a new month. The summer is almost over and I have not gotten very far this year. Oh well. The places I have gotten to have been a lot of fun.


The harbor at Morro Bay

I set off and immediately got lost in the town of Morro Bay. I often do this when looking for the rue de jour. I ended up on the north end of Morro Bay and discovered a portion of town that I had completely overlooked the previous day. I also got to ride around the rock which is the overpowering land mark at the entrance to the bay.


It’s a big rock like thingy.

The north end of town has this nice long beach and that is where everyone seemed to be. I thought they were all still in bed. There also were a lot of fish markets and restaurants on the north end of the embarcadero that I will have to return to someday and explore. I hate to miss a good piece of fish.





Kayaks at attention

I found highway one, Pacific Coast Highway, PCH or whatever it is call and headed north. Whatever this road is called it is perhaps the most scenic road in the US and quite possibly the best motorcycle road ever. What makes it the best motorcycle road is the temperature which always seems to be in the 60’s, whatever the season. That and all of the twisty curves. And the light traffic. And the beautiful vistas. Every time I ride on it I wonder why I don’t ride it more often.

I made my way along the coast a couple of hundred miles to Half Moon Bay. I finally stopped to get something to eat at Joe’s Restaurant in Half Moon Bay and realized that I was starving and freezing. I must have been having a good time if I forgot to eat. I never forget to eat. But a couple of cups of coffee and a one of Joe’s omelets and I was ready to turn east and head back into the valley heat.

As soon as I got away from the coast I got away from the marine layer that keeps the temperature so cool along the coast and the temps began to climb. Once I got over the coastal range the temps shot up to a pleasant 80 degrees and I did fast run to my humble abode in Manteca. Not having enough, I threw everything off of the bike and jumped back on to make a vegetable run to Denise’s Farmer’s Market. They love me there. I love the hugs. The vegetables are a bonus. So I am safely home and I have veggies. Life is good.


Blue Boat



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2 responses to “Morro Bay Day 2

  1. Boren Sak

    A Canada run? That sounds like a good route to drive maybe along the coast and mountains? Not sure how you would get there if it is coastal or all city miles.


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