San Diego


San Diego

September 21, 2012

I had been digging myself a rut at Wrinkle Ranch and it was time for a change of venue. So I loaded up my little suv and headed to San Diego.

Now driving a car holds no appeal for me at all these days. Over the summer I have developed some nerve pain, mostly from exercising too much, and sitting in one position for any length of time is pure agony. But with the help of an ice pack I headed down boring I-5.

When I got to Los Angeles I noticed a lot of people gathering on the overpasses. Usually they only do this when they are protesting something but these crowds seemed amazingly without cause. Then it dawned on me that the space shuttle Endeavor was making a circuit of California and coming in for its final landing at LAX airport. Cool. After 123,000,000 miles it probably needs the oil changed.


Final flight

I managed to get to San Diego by 2 PM and checked into my timeshare in the Gaslight District. For those of you who need a frame of reference the San Diego Gaslight District is like a version of Bourbon Street-without the music, food, booze and parties. Actually is a delightful section of downtown San Diego with outdoor restaurants with white table cloths. Very nice. And they have a lot of beer places and sports bars so I am covered. And yes there is music too.

After checking into my delightful studio apartment I went out for a walk. It was a hot day for San Diego, 82 degrees, but I found it perfectly pleasant. I wandered around town for a bit and ended up in this mall that is mostly outdoors. I was beginning to think that they like living outdoors in San Diego.

I visited the Brookstone store in the mall and found this. It is an automatic watch winder. And only $149.99! I had to take a picture of this. What kind of people have we become that we are so lazy we need a machine to wind our watches? I personally don’t wear a watch but if I did I am pretty sure I am active enough to keep in wound. Or smart enough to buy one with a battery. As it turns out I am just too cheap to buy a watch and I just ask a stranger on the rare occasion where I care what time it is.


I do understand why one would need this-you have too many watches!

After my exhausting struggle to understand the need for a watch winder I had to search out drink and sustenance. Luckily there are a lot of choices but when I ran into the Crab Hut I knew I had found my spot. A couple of dark beers and a plate of jambalaya and I had gotten over the watch winder thing.

And then I saw the beer towers. Now this is an invention that the world needs. It holds 100 ounces of beer and keeps it cold. With this in front of you there would be no need to move for at least an hour. I hope that won’t cause anyone’s watch to run down.


Beer towers-now this is useful.


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