San Diego–Saturday

San Diego

September 22, 2012


Saturday dawned with the normal marine layer overcast I would expect to see here. I went out for a walk and found it already warm and humid which is not what I would expect for this area. The people I talked to here are flabbergasted by the warm weather. I tell them they should move to Manteca where the weather is ideal at this time of the year. It is a bit longer walk to the beach and there is the smell of our dairy air from all of the cow farms, but other than that it is pretty much the same.

I went looking for Balboa Park which is a huge park and cultural center right next to the downtown area. Being huge one would think it would be easy to find. It was. But it had the 163 freeway blocking my getting into it. I really have to wonder about the logic of putting a freeway through a park. That is something that would only make sense in car centric California. And then there is this high fence around it. I wondered if the trees had tried to break out at one point and this was a way to keep them on the reservation. In any case I eventually found a street that entered the park by over passing the highway and managed to break in.


Very Thoughtful. Dog station complete with hydrants.

Once in, I found the park massive and with lots of people making use of it on a Saturday morning. I wandered throughout most of it but it is really pretty big to cover on foot. I still don’t think it needs a highway through it.

I wandered back into town and walked the length of the Gaslight District. It is about ten blocks long and has numerous restaurants and sports bars. There is ever kind of food imaginable. There are even tapas bars. At one time in my life I thought these were ‘topless’ bars but have since learned that they just serve appetizers.


Hey, Bubba! Wanna go to a tapas bar? Who says that?

After an afternoon of college football I drove to San Marcos to catch up with Kelly Woodland and her husband-in-training, Matt. We went out for dinner and caught up with where they are now and shared memories of camping trips in the long ago past. These camping trips seemed like they took place yesterday to me. But they were almost thirty years ago when Kelly was a baby. Apparently the camping trips did her no lasting harm since she seems healthy and happy. Her husband seems to be responding well to the training methods also. It was great to catch up with these special people.


My idol.


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