San Diego- Sunday

San Diego

September 23, 2012


I woke up early and hopped on my trusty bicycle and headed out. I was heading to Point Loma which is the southernmost and westernmost piece of land at the mouth of San Diego Bay. I didn’t know it was going to be 25 miles roundtrip, uphill both ways. With a constant headwind. And my front brake was dragging. And at one point it started to snow. Oh well. It was a bit of a challenge but I don’t like to complain.

My first stop was Old Town San Diego which tries to recreate what life was like in the 1820 to 1870 period. I suppose that there were significantly less souvenir shops back then but who knows. At 8 O’clock on a Sunday morning there was not much life of any kind. But this is worth a second visit when there are actual people around.


Old town-old bicycle

Next on my tour was Shelter Island which is a large recreation and boating area. I have spent a significant bit of my boating career in the Shelter Island Yacht Harbor preparing boats for the trip north or the trip south. It made me sad to think that that part of my life may be done.


Shelter Island

Once I got out onto the Point Loma I ran into the Rosecrans National cemetery. I didn’t know it existed but it not only exists but there is a heck of a lot of it. A beautiful final resting place for a lot of brave servicemen. It did not go on for miles but it went on for a long way. On both sides of the road. This made me sad too. And then a little angry.


Hauntingly beautiful

After making it to the end of Point Loma I had a great view of San Diego bay and the city of San Diego. It was hazy, since it was so early, but it was still a great view.

I made my way back down which was a lot easier than getting up there. I made it almost all the way home before my rear tire went flat. Jeez. This is the third flat I have had in the last two outings. Luckily my tires are self healing but I wonder if they are not self destructing also. I pumped it up and made it home without any further complications.


Harbor Island

Once home I got a much need shower (Did I mention that it was hot? It was. I was just kidding about the snow thing.) and went over to my new favorite restaurant, the Crab Hut, and had two beers and two entrées: boiled Shrimp and crayfish etouffee.

Later I went out to get some fruit and the crazies had taken over the streets. I suppose once the locals are done with it, the local homeless take over the Gaslight District and sit around and smoke pot. I was offered some so it is not like I felt slighted. Maybe I need to start dressing better if the homeless take me for one of their own..

With my fruit safely stored in my belly I spent the evening watching bad football and changing out the tube in my rear tire. My life is so exciting.


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