San Diego

San Diego

September 24, 2012


Today was another biking day, but I vowed not to do any uphill. Yesterday when I was riding uphill I was passed up by a lady jogger. She was pushing a baby carriage! It had a baby in it! Just another of the countless humiliations I have had to suffer in my lifetime. So no more uphill for me this day.

I rode down to the harbor and got on the ferry to Coronado, which is almost an island guarding the lower end of the San Diego bay. It is really a peninsula but the part that connects it to the mainland is pretty long and is called the silver strand. It could be called the sliver strand as it is not very wide.

As soon as I got ashore a woman came along and straightened me out. I am use to women telling me where to go but this one had good information on the subject. I am not sure how she knew I needed directions. Maybe it was my standing around like a hayseed with a map in my hand. In any case she gave me really good directions and off I went south along a bike path. There was really very little to see because the fog was pretty dense and I don’t think there is a lot to see in any case. Maybe that woman knew that and was just trying to get rid of me. I got tired of that and headed back north to get the ferry back to San Diego.


I am the most colorful thing on Silver Strand beach

I rode down to Seaport Village and got some lunch in a very hot restaurant. I understand that it is hot here. What I don’t understand is the lack of air conditioning. This place had a fan going that seemed to be trying to levitate the building. But I was tired and thirsty and did not bother looking for another place to eat.

After lunch I did a little browsing at Seaport Village but the entire place was a bit too touristy for me. I have been here four days and no longer qualify as a tourist. But there was some really cool stuff that I am going to go back and buy. Shame on me. I just encourage them.

Then I took a tour of the USS Midway which is moored right at the city front. To say it is big would be a bit of an understatement. To say it was hot would also be an understatement. I cannot imagine what it was like in there with the steam boilers going. But it was good for some pictures and all of it was very interesting.


The camouflage on this plane could use some work.


You gotta love prop driven aircraft

I wandered around for a while until I started noticing the first signs of heat exhaustion. For me-not for the Midway. I got out of there and got back to my air conditioned condo. I was totally whupped and laid low for the rest of the day. I drink beer when I am laying low and it seems to help. Note to self: don’t visit San Diego in the fall.

Dinner was at my favorite Crab Hut watching what passes for football in America these days. I think I have witnessed the end of a popular spectator sport during the Seattle-Green Bay game. I didn’t have a dog in that fight, and I am not a big NFL fan, but having the referees determine the outcome of a game at the end is just bad. Why not just do that at the beginning coin toss and be done with it.



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2 responses to “San Diego

  1. White Witch

    Have you been to Cambria? I have not, but I hear that it’s a fun place. If you go, let me know if that’s true.


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