San Diego- Tuesday

San Diego

September 25, 2012



Nice Eyes

I started out the day at the Maritime Museum which is down by the water front. I got to tour the USS Dolphin sub, the Berkeley ferry boat, the Medea, a steam ship, 3 America’s cup sailing boats, the B-39, a Russian sub, the HMS Surprise, a three-masted sailing ship, and the Star of India, a three-masted sailing ship. There are enough boats around here that the US Navy should consider putting in a base.



I got to look over all of these boats on a self guided tour which was all very interesting. That worked well until I got to the Star of India and Robert Haack adopted me and gave me my own personal tour. He was a wealth of information and shinnied up and down the ladders like a monkey. Not bad for an 87 year old. I want to be like him if when I grow up.


This would make a good puzzle. I wonder what the blue one does.


Star of India- 150 years old and sails every year on her birthday.

I then jumped on my bicycle and headed to Old San Diego. I spent quite a bit of time wandering around there. I eventually settled in for some lunch at one of the old saloons.


Tres Amigos

Then it was off to Balboa Park and the Air and Space Museum. There are a number of museums in Balboa Park but I picked this one. It was once again quite interesting but by this time I had reached saturation. The place was full of rug monkeys so I made it a short visit.


Go Red Baron.

I pedaled myself back to my condo stopping along the way for some designer beer at one of the seemingly endless beer pubs around here. Today was a much cooler day and I was not nearly so exhausted. Or I am getting acclimated. Or the beer was very refreshing.


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