San Diego- Wednesday

San Diego

September 26, 2012


I took off to the north on a morning that was just the slightest bit cool. I could tell that the weather had made a decided change since I had arrived. While cooler, it was no where near as cool as I expected it to be. I had brought a good deal of cool weather clothes with me and they have sat in the closet.

My destination was Mission Bay just to the north of San Diego. I had become somewhat of an expert at the bike path routes around the city. For such an outdoor oriented city, San Diego has a very undeveloped bicycle path system. But I had gathered enough local experience that I could get where I wanted in the safest way possible.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the Mission Bay area was how quiet it was. Being in the downtown area I had been surrounded by the sounds of the city. This was way more to my liking. The next thing I noticed was the big wooden roller coaster at Belmont Park which is at the entrance to Mission Beach.


Belmont Park

The beach and waterfront at Mission Beach are just lovely. The pristine beach must be 4 miles long and there is a walkway along it. On the other side of the walkway are beach front homes. The entire setup is my idea of living and this will require a future visit.


Mission Beach

There were a few people out biking, jogging and rollerblading. And then I ran into this guy with his skate boarding dog. This dog was in an alley and he would jump on his skate board and go zipping off until he crashed into the opposite alley wall. He would then turn around and jump on the board and crash into the other wall. And back and forth he would go in a tireless manner. This dog definitely needed some brakes. Or a helmet. Or his face is just going to keep getting flatter and flatter.


Flat Face dog

On the bay side of Mission Beach there are coves with glass like water and with more beautiful sand beaches, more walk ways and more homes right on the beach. The water here is so calm people seemed to be mostly occupied with Stand Up Paddle or SUP, which seems to be the latest water sport rage. I was totally impressed with the Mission Beach and there seems to be several more communities like this on Mission Bay.

But I had to pedal my butt back to downtown as I was running out of energy. Once back in town I treated myself to a nice lunch of heirloom tomato salad and spaghetti and meatballs. I have been eating like a locust on this trip but that is what vacations are for.

After lunch I hiked to Seaport Village to pick up a few souvenirs and some more tin signs for my garage. A good day.


A rose


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