San Diego-Thursday

San Diego

September 27, 2012


I took a different tack today. I parked the bicycle, bought a five dollar trolley pass, and rode all of the lines from end to end. San Diego does have a very workable trolley system. The first leg of it took me to the Mexico border. Then up to El Cajon. And then back to where I started. In a matter of 3 hours I covered about as much territory as I covered with my bicycle in 5 days. And, as I discovered, I could have taken my bike on the trolley with me. Oh well. Next time.


Once back in town I wandered around until I found a brew pub that I liked. That was not difficult. I ended up at the Rock Bottom Pub which had good beer and a decent Rueben sandwich. And they kept giving me free beer so I really liked them.


Rock Bottom

I then wandered into the outdoor mall and decided to see a movie. That is something I do about every two years just to keep current. I saw “End of Watch” and almost walked out after about 15 minutes. I am so glad I stayed because it ended up being a very entertaining movie. I highly recommend it.

So my time in San Diego has pretty much ended. I have to drive back to”God’s Waiting Room” on Friday. I am not looking forward to the drive but I have things I need to do before I take off again. I certainly have enjoyed my time here in San Diego and I am sure that I will be back some day. Thanks for coming along.


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