Cruise 2012 Manteca to Barcelona

Saturday and Sunday October 13 and 14, 2012

There is not much that gets me up at 1:45 AM but a trip for a two week cruise of Europe with 17 of my closest friends usually does it. So that is what got me up on an overcast fall morning. I did not have far to go as the cruise started and hopefully would end right near my house. That was one of the major attractions of this cruise. Someone else had to deal with the transportation, parking, airport and all of that aggravation that goes into leaving. If I could have hired someone to pack for me that would have been swell too.

So seventeen of us stacked our considerable luggage in front of the Wrinkle Ranch clubhouse and waited for a bus to take us to San Francisco for a flight to JFK in New York and then on to Barcelona, Spain. There we would meet up with a Royal Caribbean ship and off would we go. Sounded simple. It was. Boring but simple. It did entail flying throughout most of one night and all of the next. It seems like they should move Europe closer and they would then get more tourist.

We traveled to JFK airport in New York, switched planes and then went on to Barcelona. At some time around 6:52 AM on Sunday we touched down in Barcelona, Spain. Most of us had not had much sleep since Thursday night so we were all a bit groggy. I am a better than average sleeper but I had not done very well on this leg of the journey.

But after 13 hours on an airplane all I wanted was ‘off’ and I got that. We went through immigration and got our luggage with little difficulty.

We were met at the door by Serena, a tour guide, who had the task of entertaining us until our hotel rooms were ready for us. So off we went on a tour of Barcelona that none of us was very interested in. We had the city pretty much to ourselves on a Sunday morning as almost all shops are closed on Sunday in Spain. Serena did her best to keep us occupied but we all wanted a shower and a power nap and nothing would take its place.


Barcelona Bull Ring

We showed up at our hotel at 11 AM and were told that our rooms would not be ready until 4 PM, which seemed like an eternity to wait. So like good troopers we made our way over to the nearest bar and restaurant and had some fortification. We spent the next few hours sitting at various outside venues having the occasional beverage while watching the people in the now busy streets.

At 3 PM we were able to get a room. A shower and a nap made us feel quite a bit better. The nap lasted until the next morning.


A statue- somewhere in Barcelona



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2 responses to “Cruise 2012 Manteca to Barcelona

  1. boren

    Wow! You are a traveler, is this your 4th vacation this year?


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