Cruise 2012 Cannes


Tuesday October 16, 2012

After steaming all night our ship dropped anchor off of the coast of France near the town of Cannes which is pronounced ‘Cons’, ‘Kan’, ‘Kans’, ‘Con’ or whatever as no one seems to pronounce it the same way twice. It is beautifully located on the part of the coast called the French Riviera and is the gathering place for a film festival they have each year.



We were tendered to shore and got on a tour bus for a short ride down the coast to the little county of Monaco. At 1.5 miles square it is a tiny country but they seem to have packed a lot in a little space. Money does not seem to be in short supply which is good because supposedly a square yard of land costs $200k. With the economy the way it is I am sure they could be talked down to $190k or you could have them toss in a Bentley if you bought like an acre.



The homes situated on this rich land were very nice as one would expect. Better were the boats in the marina which were both large and they looked expensive. Some of these monster boats had other boats sitting on top of them and some had helicopters.

We took a walking tour to the royal castle of Monaco, the church where the American Grace Kelly was married to the Prince of Monaco in 1956, the home of Princess Caroline and her daughter.


Palace cannons at Monaco

We had lunch at a sidewalk deli and then motored a little further to the casino at Monaco. This casino has been around since the mid 1800’s and seems to be doing well. It is not any where near as extravagant as a state side casinos but it is doubtful any stateside casino will be around for as long.


Casino at Monaco

After wandering around a while we made our way back to the ship where we had just enough time to get dressed for a formal dinner. Then it was off to gamble for some and then on to the floor show for the rest of us.






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