Cruise 2012 Livorno

Cruise 2012

Wednesday October 17, 2012


It was a new day and another new port. Today we woke up in Livorno, Italy which is the second busiest sea port in Italy. Unfortunately, our ship was docked, which was good, but we were in an industrial area, which was not so good.


Nice sunrise

While others went off on planned excursions, Dodie and I took a shuttle into the less industrial part of town and went exploring on our own. The first thing we ran into that was of interest was this gigantic food and flea market that went on for a mile or so. There was mostly food there and all versions of beef, fowl, fish and vegetable could be found along with every kind of bread and cheese imaginable. The place was very busy and one had to wonder who was going to buy all of that food.


Market in Livorno

We got tired of that and dragged the shops on Via Grande (Main Street) looking into all of the high end stores that seemed to have very few people in them. We stopped at a sidewalk café for a little chocolate mousse before heading back to the boat and our scheduled afternoon tour.

We headed out of town on a bus and visited a 17th century vineyard in Tuscany. The owner took us for a short tour and showed us the farm that had been in operation for 400 hundred years. The setting was beautiful, the home and buildings were ancient by US standards and the wine was quite good.


Vista at Vineyard

Back at the boat we met a few of our members for dinner. About half of them did not show up for dinner as they had been worn out by the tours they took during the day. But we had a normal lovely lunch, played some trivia, caught a show and called it a night.


Tuscan dining room


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