Cruise 2012 Solerno

Cruise 2012

Friday October 19, 2012


Today we docked the ship on the city front at Salerno, Italy. It is a town of about 200,000 people with a small port that seemed moderately busy with cargo ships and a few fishing boats.



Castello Arechi over Salerno

Dodie and I decided to take a self guided walking tour of the city and it ended up being the right choice. While there is a large boulevard along the water front the majority of the city is made up of very narrow streets with just enough room to get one car through. Because of this it is mostly given over to people walking through this maze of tiny streets. There are hundreds of little shops along these streets with all manner of things to eat. After much study I had a canola, a pastry wrapped around some sweet cheese filling. Unfortunately, I was not hungry enough to eat all of the delightful things that were there although I would have liked to.


Cheese in Salerno shop

After 3 hours of strolling the streets we had an adult beverage at a small sidewalk café. When I say small café I mean it had one table and two chairs. But the beer was good and the shop tender was friendly so it worked out well.


Salerno tiny streets

We returned to the ship as we were leaving early on this day. I took some time to get in a good workout at the magnificent gym that is onboard. After cleaning up it was drinks and dinner and musical trivia pursuit and card playing in the casino. A good day.


Tunnel of lights in Villa Comunale Park


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