Cruise 2012 Venice

Cruise 2012

Sunday October 21, 2012



On a foggy morning we made our way among the islands of Venice heading to our mooring near where the islands of Venice are joined to the main land by a bridge. Once we could step ashore a few of us got together to see if we could go exploring on our own around town.


Water Taxi

The first thing we had to negotiate was the water buses which is pretty similar to a subway system in operation. The other way to get around Venice is by foot and we were not up for a big walking day. Once we managed to purchase a day pass on the bus we took it over to St Mark’s square which is the ultimate tourist site in Venice.


We got off there and stopped at one of the many outdoor cafes that lined the streets and had some pizza for lunch. It was a bit different than what we are use to as it is very thin crusted, almost like a cracker. But it was tasty nonetheless.

We walked around St. Mark’s square for a while and then headed back to the boat as some in our group had an early evening tour to get back for. We filled the evening with some drinks and dinner and music.


St Marks


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