Cruise 2012 Venice

Cruise 2012

Monday October 22, 2012


We were up early to take a walking tour of Venice. After a couple of breakfasts we hopped on a boat bus to take a short ride to the start of our tour. From there we were led through the maze of narrow streets to parts of Venice that I don’t think I could find my way back to. While Venice is not very large there is no grid system to their streets. Add to this the innumerable canals and bridges and it is easy to understand why people here travel by water.



The tour was interesting. I learned that the city floods on a regular basis. To deal with this they have a system of boards to but up on stands to make an elevated sidewalk. When it gets higher than the boards they wear rubber boots. There are 60,000 residents of Venice and they get 20 million visitors a year. They have 80 churches in the city. They use to have 120 churches but Napoleon destroyed a few.


Boat reflections

After the tour we stayed in Venice to wander around on our own. We had not wandered very long before we ran into two other couples from our community in Manteca. They had arrived on a different ship. With 20 million visitors, what are the chances that you would run into someone you know?


Flower Shop

We returned to the ship for drinks and dinner with our group. Then we spent some time watching as the ship was turned around so it could head back to sea. The payoff was the cruise in front of Venice, a truly one-of-a-kind city.


Peppers in Market



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    First off; THANKS for the tour.  I was going to try and see how much $$$ you saved Dianna and me but my calculator melted.   My vote is for them to move in close to the USA   If i would have know you would be in a gambling area I would have asked you to place another bet for me because we did well last time.   Thanks again for including me on your travels, I enjoy the photos and the commentary. 🙂

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