Cruise 2012 Revenna

Cruise 2012

Tuesday October 23, 2012



We awoke to a foggy day in Ravenna, Italy. But the weather gods were with us and the sun burned the fog off and it turned into a beautiful day. So we hopped on a bus and headed to Marenello, Italy which is home for Ferrari and some lesser known names like Bugatti and Alfa. It is the Mecca for fast cars in Italy which may make it the Mecca for fast cars in the world.


Some of us took a tour of the Ferrari museum. While there were only about 50 cars in this museum, the cars there were spectacular. Some of them were priceless-literally. They had built one of a particular model and it was not for sale at any price. Recently a 1957 Testa Rossa sold for over $16,000,000. Note; Testa Rossa means red head and comes from Enzo painting the heads on some engines red as a joke. A GTO model fetched $32 million.

Ferrari built and sold cars to finance his racing efforts unlike other manufacturers who race cars to sell more production models. In spite of what you have seen they use to come in yellow only. They switched to red when red was assigned to Italy as their national racing color for F1 racing. While that no longer applies, the red color is Ferrari’s color since they won so many races with their cars painted that way.



After the tour we returned to the ship and had our usual drinks, food, entertainment, and gambling.


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