Cruise 2012 Split. Croatia

Cruise 2012

Wednesday October 24, 2012

Split, Croatia


It was a sunny day when we dropped anchor off of the coast near Split , Croatia. The town hugs the coast and is dominated by the castle there that is in the center of town and still in use.


Several of us took a tour which took us to nearby town to pick up boats to go up the Citena River. The ride up the river was a bit of a bore. We did arrive at an old mill where we served a delightful snack of wine, bread and cheese.


Nice place for wine and cheese.


Old Mill wheels

When we returned to the city we took a tour of the Diocletian castle which the town now surrounds. The castle is still in use but tourists are allowed to wander around in the courtyard. Vendors have set up shop in there and we were entertained by a quartet singing very nicely


Bread right out of the oven


We had the afternoon to spend around the pool and then drinks, dinner, gambling and bed.


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