Cruise 2012 Split to Manteca

Cruise 2012

Thursday, Friday and Saturday October 25-27, 2012

Sea Days

Once we left Split we set sail for a two day cruise back to Barcelona. The pace on board is pretty leisurely without all of those tours to contend with when one is in port. Our days were spent mostly eating and drinking. There is a surprise for you. I managed to sneak off to the gym a couple of times and actually took a morning off to write a short play.

On board there is always something going on. They are mostly cultural events like a belly flop contest at the pool. The days do tend to go by.

Our last night at sea the seas got a little rough and this was the first bad weather of any kind we had experienced. I had lived in Europe for four years in a previous life and I could not recall it ever going two weeks without raining. We were very lucky with the weather. Even the thunder and lightning storm on out last night was kind of special.

Once we got back to Barcelona we were hustled off of the plane to catch an early flight back to New York and then on to San Francisco. During 13 hours of flying I probably slept 8 of them which made the trip go fast.

Back at SFO airport we had a shuttle waiting for us that drove us right back to our velvet rut that we live in in Manteca. A good trip. It is back to my normal life which is not a bad life at all.

Thanks for coming along. I am not sure where I am headed next so you will have to stay tuned.


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