Roads Scholar

Roads Scholar

December 6, 2012

After enduring the fourth rain storm in a little over a week I had had enough. In California we do not suffer rain or bad weather of any kind gladly. Actually, the storms were welcomed as we always seem to need more water. And the storms were from the south and warm and we very rarely get a warm rain. I spent a lot of time walking around in it which gives you some idea of what my life has become.

But as of today I am off like a Navy drone on my next mini adventure. I am on my way to do a Roads Scholar tour in Sedona. (That is “Roads” not “Rhodes” scholar) I left Casa Bob on a dreary morning. I was glad to be back on the road and even gladder that I had left my three legged pony in the barn and taken the more civilized Lexus. The rain would have made travel on the motorbike truly a nightmare. In the SUV it was all about listening to XM radio and munching snacks as I went along.

I do like to dawdle though. And I did meander on down I-5 going south. It is a remarkable thing in that the hillsides along the way are all covered with fresh grass and looking very spring like. Yet the grape vines are all in their fall colors of red and brown. We like to run Fall and Spring together and just pass on the winter thing. We save that for the mountains where it belongs. I love this weather. Even though it kept getting darker and damper as I went along.

I turned east at Button Willow and I had high hopes that things would start to improve weather wise. They didn’t. I did make a few detours looking for road side attractions but I kept striking out. I have a gps that has a list of every goofy thing there is to see in the US and some of them or too goofy to mention, so I won’t. Every now and then I run into a gem doing this but today was not that day.


A robot-hardly a gem

I got to Mojave and it was suddenly summertime again. Oh yeah. Now I was buzzing along and really enjoying the ride. I was now on I40 heading east with the train tracks from one of my adventures on one side and Route 66 from another adventure on the other side. I couldn’t help myself and I jumped onto route 66 and traveled the Mother Road for a bit and it brought back great memories from 2008.

But the sun started to set and I had to quit for the day. I could not risk missing the early bird special at Denny’s. So I checked into a Best Western for the night. The trains are going by regularly and Route 66 is waiting for me in the morning. I may not sleep.


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  1. Boren

    Missing the warm summer days, it’s cold over here. Looks like fun over there.


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