Oregon Roads Scholar, The Oregon Coast

January 20, 2013

I awoke to a very cold morning in Eureka. There was a coating of ice on my poor little car. There is not suppose to be ice along the coast in California.


California Coast

I saddled up and headed up the coast. I stopped to take some pictures along the way and there was frost on the sand along the coast. Maybe I should have headed south.

Once I got to Oregon I stopped for gas. I pulled up to a pump and started fueling my car when I was accosted by the gas station attendant. He told me I would be allowed to fuel my own car since it was a Lexus. After I made the required WTF comment I realized that it is against the law to pump your own fuel in Oregon. I guess there weren’t enough government jobs to go around so they put the rest of them pumping gas. It is not a bad plan if you think about it.

I pushed on in to Gold Beach and was immediately pulled over by the one cop in Gold Beach for speeding. I am always speed so I am not sure why this guy took it upon himself to try to correct this situation. So I will make a $170 deposit to the state of Oregon and continue on my lawless ways. I would have been happier if that cop had taken one of those gas pumping jobs.


Officer: Do you know why I am stopping you?

Me: Because you got all C’s in high school?


In spite of my illegal activities I had a good day and saw a lot of good scenery along the way. The Oregon coast is so different from the California coast. Both are beautiful but in different ways.


Oregon Coast

I arrived in mid afternoon at the Adobe Resort in Yachats where I will be staying this week. It is really nice. It is right on the coast with the surf pounding beneath my window.  And I have a fireplace in my room. I think I am going to like this. Yachats is a small town of 690 people. It is also listed by Arthur Frommer of Frommer Travel guides as one of the ten places you should see before you die. So if you cannot afford to go to Paris you should go to Yachats.

At 5 PM I went down and met my leaders for this week, Carol and Lynn. I also met the 16 other people I will be spending the week with. We got briefed on what we would be doing this week and then retired to a nice dinner in the restaurant that overlooks the Pacific.


Oregon Coast


View from my window


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