Oregon Roads Scholar, Yaquina Head

January 22, 2013


On Tuesday we loaded up and went to the Oregon Coastal Aquarium in Newport. It is a delightful place built without any taxpayer dollars. We had it pretty much to ourselves as it was early in the morning on a school day. A large portion of the aquarium is given over to a children’s’ section where they can interact with the animals and learn about the ocean. The rest of it consists of awesome displays of fish, birds and mammals of the sea.


Now that is just pretty

We then went to the lunch at Rogue brewery on the bay. We had lunch inside a working brewery which really works for me. I like to be close to the source. I had a cheese sandwich made from cheese, made from goats’ milk, from goats that fed on used barley from the beer making process. I suffer for my art. It was good though as was the Yellow Snow IPA I had to wash it down. I am quite certain that when they are not making beer at this place they spend a lot of time smoking their medicine and making up names for the beer that they make.

We then went on to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport. We were taken on a tour of the lighthouse by a man who claimed to be the Second Light keeper. He explained what they had to do back before electricity to keep the lights lit.


Workshop and library. The crate of books was circulated among the lighthouses to provide them reading material.

We took a short tour of the Yaquina Head interpretive center before taking the ride home. We took side roads looking for elk. We found a herd of about 20 grazing on the side if the road.


Yaquina Head Lighthouse

After dinner that evening we had a lecture on Oregon weather by Tyree Wilde of the National Weather Service. He explained how they get such high winds here on a regular basis. About twice a year they get winds over 60 MPH here and about once every ten years they get winds well over 100 mph. These winds are what break the trees in the area. He promised us freezing rain in the morning. I just looked outside and it is dry and overcast with no wind. I think all of these stories of horrible weather are just to scare the tourist.


Da Da Da that’s all folks


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