Oregon Road Scholar, Heceta Head

January 23, 2013


On this day we went off for a special treat: breakfast at Heceta Head Light Keeper’s bed and breakfast. We had out resident expert, T McCracken, back with us and she explained how the home became a bed and breakfast.

Once light houses became electrified there was no need to have a light keeper on site. Therefore there was no need to have a light keeper hone either. After passing both the light house and the keepers house from one government agency to the other, the house became part of the park service. They had no use for it and let if fall into disrepair to the point where it needed to be torn down.

The locals thought that destroying a historic home would be wrong so an effort, led by T McCracken, was mounted to restore it. Being a registered historic monument it could only be restored to a style that was accurate to the period in which it operated. The park service insisted that it be self sustaining since they did not want to spend any money on it. So the home was restored and a nice family was found to run it as a bed and breakfast. They have been doing so for about 15 years.

On this day they brought us into the dining room and served us course after course of gourmet food for breakfast. There were supposedly 7 courses but I must admit that I lost count. It was all very good and the meal must have lasted for 2 hours.


Heceta Head Light Keepers B and B

After that we took a short walk in the rain up to the light house. Once again through the process of government wrangling the lighthouse had been passed around until one agency owned the bottom part of the light house and the Coast Guard owned the part with the light in it. Some group came along to restore the bottom part and had just about finished a complete restoration. We were not allowed to go into it because there still was work being done on it.


Heceta Head Light House


View from Heceta Head Light house

We returned to Adobe Resort, where we were staying and had lunch. Then we were given the afternoon off for good behavior. I spent my afternoon walking in the rain on the 7 mile long beach poking at dead things with a stick. There was just enough rain to make it an adventure crossing the streams that run across the beach. After a couple of hours of this I had had enough and retire to a warm shower and a cold beer. I watched the rest of the rainy day from inside.


Drift wood

We had dinner and then Lynn gave us a talk on commercial fishing in the local area. Lynn had been a commercial fisherman both here and in Alaska and he explained the challenges and rewards of braving the ocean in search of crab and salmon.

It had been another full day.


“Eat more crab”


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    THANK YOU Bob,   At one time (late 50s and early 60s 1/2 of Newport/Toledo were my relations).   Thank you for ALL your adventures.   RHM   “Richard Henry” Martin   Sales Agent   DRE:  01897122   Email: rhm@richards-realestate.com   Richard’s Real Estate   Cell  916-716-7040   Ofc  707-374-6491      


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