Rocky Mountain Hi.


May 5, 2013

I have been very quiet lately but that does not mean I have not been busy. I have been playing senior softball and it has just about become an obsession for me. I have played in 47 games so far and the season is barely underway. I play on four different softball teams and I am on the field five days a week, maybe six if I can squeeze in a practice day. It’s fun and it keeps me in shape. I have only been hit hard in the head once, but it has not had an effect on me. I have only been hit hard in the head once, but it has not had an effect on me. I have only been hit in the head once and it has not….you get the idea.

And I have gotten back into the drama thing with both writing and acting. ArtAge out of Oregon has put a couple of my plays in their catalog and is offering them up for sale. So do an old man a favor and buy a copy. I just got the call yesterday that the catalog just went out and one of my plays was the first to be ordered by someone. They don’t allow returns, which is a good thing

But I have had enough of this nice little rut I have dug for myself and it is back on the open road with me and my three legged mule. I am off for a 10 day trip to Colorado with a buddy tagging along on his two legged BMW, Mario. Mario is the buddy’s name. I don’t know what the motorcycle’s name is. The weather seems to be a bit iffy in Colorado but the weather is what makes it an adventure. That and all of the legal pot smokers in Colorado should make for some interesting driving. So come along with me if you will and let’s see what happens.


The creature in the middle is:

A) Sheep

B) Pig

C) Unicorn

D) I don’t know but it has the right of way.


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One response to “Rocky Mountain Hi.

  1. karen burnworth

    all sounds wonderful … glad you’re having such a great time. We’re in Playa del Carmen – next trip, you must join us… what a wonderful town, you would love it! Tons of stuff going on and the most beautiful beaches and water – who could ask for more.

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

    K & L


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