The loneliest road


May 5, 2013


Me and my buddy Mario met at my house at 8 AM and headed out for Colorado on a day that was threatening rain. We picked up highway 88 in Lockeford but not before we stopped and had a nice breakfast in Lockeford. The ride over the Sierras is always beautiful and so it was on this day with the mountains having quite a bit of snow on all of the peaks. As I looked at them I could only think about how much more snow there would be in the Rockies which are quite a bit higher. I decided to think about that later.

We gassed up in Carson City and then got on the Loneliest Road, Hwy 50 through Nevada. Nevada has to be the loneliest state so why shouldn’t it have the loneliest road? The towns, and gas, are very far apart in Nevada. We breezed through Fallon and I realized that I had not gotten any fuel and the next town was 120 miles away. Oh oh. But with the help of my handy $75 gps I found a roadside place with one dusty pump where I was able to get a few gallons.


It was $4.70 a gallon for low test but I needed it.

We pushed on to Austin which some of you will remember from a past adventure. Austin is every bit as dusty and wind blown as any good spaghetti western town should be. We just stopped for gas and to visit with every biker there who all also had to stop for gas. It was good to trade stories of where we were going and where we had been.

Pushing further east the weather kept getting more overcast and wind blown. The last 150 miles into Ely were a bit of a test but we made it and checked in to a run down Best Western for the evening.

Once we got settled in for the evening we went out in search of food and drink at a local saloon/casino. We ended up having dinner in a jail cell. This diner has these tiny rooms with small tables and bars on each booth so you are sitting inside a jail cell. No one gets out without paying. And the food was out of this world. Who would have thought a back water town like Ely had such a good restaurant in it. This is one of the many surprises that make these little adventures worthwhile.


After a 482 mile- eight hour day it was time to pack it in for the night.


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