The loneliest Road Goes on and on


May 6, 2013

We awoke early after a restless night. Well it was restless for me as I had to share my room with a guy who admitted that he snored. That was really misleading of him. What he did all night had no real name ever applied to it but certainly ‘snoring did not begin to cover it. That would be like saying Hitler had an anger management issue. At some time during the night I got up and put in the ear plugs I use when riding my bike and got a little rest.

But we got a 7 AM start on what promised to be a long day. We had to get to Durango, Co which was 542 miles away. So off we went on a cool, overcast morning. After a quick 120 miles we stopped for a quick breakfast in Delta, Utah. Then it was a day of twisted grips and occasional fuel stops as the weather worsened.

But there are compensations. The scenery through Utah was just exceptional. The overcast skies seemed to make it better. But as we neared Moab, Utah the skies opened and we had to proceed with showers chasing us the rest of the day. I put on my wet weather gear and on we went still doing over 70 mph.


Near Moab, Utah

On the final stretch into Durango the weather cleared but it was cold. We made it to Wyndham resort in Durango. We have a room here for three days where we can catch our breaths and get ready for the next leg of our little adventure.

Once we dropped our gear we went put looking for drink and nourishment. We found it at the Steamhouse Brewery where we spent a pleasant evening. Then we went to our separate bedrooms and slept like dead people.


A busted buckboard


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One response to “The loneliest Road Goes on and on

  1. Boren

    Looks like you are having fun!


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