The Streets of Durango


May 7, 2013

Tuesday we awoke rested after a good night’s rest. We ventured forth to discover what Durango had to offer because we were a bit saddle sore after the previous two days. We gave a local a hand closing up her shop and she directed us to Oscars for breakfast. It was a good choice as it was a homey little place that we both like a lot. It had a train running around overhead and really good breakfast.


Then we set off on foot to discover as much as we could about Durango. It really is a pleasant town built on the local college and the tourist traffic. It is getting the first indications that spring is arriving.



We visited any number of little shops and then lucked into this old hotel. I like old hotels and they may be my next great adventure. But the Strator Hotel has been in operation since the 1880’s. I talked the guy into giving us a tour of one of the rooms. The room just happened to be the one used by Louis L’Amour when he wrote one of his series of western novels. Mario is a big fan, so he was in heaven.


Strator hotel

Then we went down to the train station and booked a train trip for tomorrow. There is a train museum there that we found very interesting so we spent some time in there.


In the afternoon we caught up on chores such as laundry and then went out for a pleasant evening of beer and salad at a local Irish bar. A great day, albeit a bit quiet for this boy.



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2 responses to “The Streets of Durango


    Durango was not my favorite stop on our trip through the Rocky Mtns. I guess because we were at the end and were anxious to get home. A lot of excitement here this week. Jace’s team is making a run for the state championship this weekend! Wish them luck, and pray that no one gets hurt (especially him!)



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