The Silverton Train

May 8, 2013

We had thunderstorms during the night. The weather here is cold, wet and unpredictable. But since I am just a guest in this land I try not to say too much.

This morning we loaded onto the train to Silverton for a ride through some of the most scenic country in the country. It was made even more so because the higher elevations had received a dusting of snow.


The little coal powered steam engine that could pulled us up this very steep climb right on the edge of the canyon below. This railway was put in place to haul the silver out of Silverton back in the day. It was also used to shoot the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” movie. Some of the passages it went through were narrow enough that you could jump on the train and rob it like they did in the movie.


When we arrived in Silverton I thought I was on the set of “Northern Exposure”. I have never seen a town that looked more like it belonged in Alaska. There is one paved street. Most of the businesses are barely hanging on. But summer is coming in about another three or four months. During the summer here they BBQ on one day and play ball on the other. On this day it was snowing lightly as we left.


The train trip back to Durango was very nice. We had to stop and take on water several times each way but luckily there is a lot of it delivered right to the tracks by waterfalls.clip_image008

After a while our little engine delivered us back to Durango where we enjoyed our last night here. The gold road beckons.



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