Steamboat Springs


May 10, 2013

Friday dawned a bright and relatively warm day. But my experience with the weather here in Colorado indicated that it would likely change. But we hopped on our bikes and headed up to Hahn’s Peak just to get some breeze on our knees. Of course the weather changed as we climbed up but it never got bad enough to be a nuisance.


Hahn’s Peak

We stopped at Steamboat Lake to take some pictures of the frozen lake. I got to ride my Spyder through some snow on the road and that was fun sliding around a bit on that. You know it must be a slow day if that is what I am getting a kick out of.


Steamboat Lake

Then we had to stop at the almost world famous Clark Store. The Clark Store serves the little town of Clark as a post office, clothing store, library, grocery store, restaurant, liquor store and general hang out. It was quite busy for being as remote as it was. We had a snack and chatted with some of the locals for a bit.


Clark Store

Then we went to the Fish Creek Falls right in Steamboat Springs. The falls are running hard with the spring snow melt so it was worth seeing.


Fish Creek Falls

We did some house keeping chores and then went out for beers and eats at a local Irish pub. A good day all the way around.


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