A Long Day in the Saddle


May 11, 2013

Some days you just have to twist the grip and let it rip. Today was one of those days. Mario was home sick for his family. I had had enough of Colorado’s sunshine which feels an awful lot like hail. So we just jumped on our ponies and headed west towards the land of fruits and nuts and sunshine.

We jumped on US 40 heading west and stayed on that until we hit I-80. The only problem we had was my little three legged burro throwing a fault code and then sending me into the dreaded ‘limp’ mode where I am limited to 50 mph. I pulled over to the side of the road, reset some relays, cranked it up and it was back up to 85 mph

We stopped for a quick bite at Bette’s in Vernal and just kept going west. In Wentworth, NV. I decided to head south and let Mario continue on west by himself. I jumped on hwy 93 and headed south to Ely. It was a beautiful and lonely drive for 120 miles before I got to Ely. I pulled in to the Prospector hotel and casino and had some food and beer and called it an early night. Over 600 miles covered and that is enough for one day.


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