The Loneliest Road Home


May 12, 2013

I awoke early on a clear Nevada morning. Nevada should send some of these over to Colorado. I hopped on my little burro and got back on Hwy 50 heading West on a beautiful desert morning. It was a cool 40 degrees but by this time I was use to being heavily dressed for the cold.


I stopped for gas in Austin because there really is no choice. Gas stations are about 120-150 miles apart between Ely and Fallon, NV and the range on my little scooter is about 150 miles per tank.

The day kept getting warmer as I headed west and was at 90 degrees when I headed up into the Sierra Mountains. It cooled there and the riding on the twisty mountain roads was just great. As I started losing altitude going down into the Sacramento valley the temperature rose to a toasty 96 degrees. Having taken off most of my heavy clothing I was quite comfortable for a while but the heat takes almost as much of a toll as the cold does after a while.

By 3 PM I was back at Casa Bob and my little journey was done. I had traveled 480 miles in about 8 hours and it was good to park the bike and have a beer. While it is always good to go, it is always good to get home. Thanks for coming along on this little journey.



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