Back to Margaritaville

Carson City

July 26, 2013

Watch out world! I am on the move again. That can only lead to trouble or fun, depending on which side of the jail door one ends up on,

The first leg of my little journey has taken me to Carson City, NV. I drove up on a Friday afternoon taking highway 4 over the Sierras. I have taken this road several times and it never fails to impress me with its high vistas and alpine lakes.


Mosquito Lake, California

I arrived in Carson City and checked in to the Hardman Hotel where I will be staying for a couple of days. I headed out by foot to explore the town which happens to be the capital of Nevada. I did not get far before I was sucked in to the High Sierra Brewery where my new best friend, Lindsay, served me beer and fed me dinner.


I wandered around the town after dinner and found it to be just delightful with big parks and lots of government buildings. The weather was nice enough after a warm afternoon that people were eating outside and getting ready for an outdoor concert.

As I wandered back to the Hardman House I ran into a sign dancer. A sign dancer is a relative new thing where someone stands on a corner with a sign usually promoting a sandwich shop or pizza parlor. I have always been envious of people who make a living dancing on a street corner with a big ole sign and some tunes going through their headset. Of course I have always been envious of Wal Mart greeters so maybe I just need some career counseling.

But my new, new best friend, Athena, let me dance with her sign on the corner of N Carson St and Highway 50. I did well, too. I got a lot of people to honk their horns. I have led such a full life and now one more thing can be crossed off of my bucket list.

My Bucket List:

1) Visit every mission in California-check

2) Visit every whorehouse in Nevada-check

3) Sign dance on a street corner- Check

4) Dance the Tango with a $1000/night hooker in Paris-still to do.


Making progress on the Bucket List.



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4 responses to “Back to Margaritaville

  1. Cindi & Fred

    Always fun to read what you are up to.
    We are in DelMar for the races. Wish us luck today.


  2. I just wish you could post a little video of your dancing ! On to Louisiana?


  3. Bob

    Robin: Yeah I will eventually end up on Grand Isle and then Houma.

    C and F: miss you guys. Good luck at whatever race you are in/watching.


  4. Boren

    Having a little too much fun! 🙂


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