Carson City and Virginia City

July 27, 2013

I went wandering around town early on Saturday morning. I went to Mom and Pops for breakfast where they serve me an omelet that was the size of a doormat. I needed to walk after that.

Carson City continued to impress as a quiet little western Nevada town. There were people getting ready for rummage sales and farmer’s markets and other events around town.


A little church in Carson City


Outdoor dining

But I had a mission in Carson City. I had to go out and play a tournament at Centennial Park with the Great Life Legends. This is one of four senior softball teams I have been playing with this year and I learn a lot from these guys. They like me because I can run fairly well so I get to play outfield and pitch run where necessary.

We were the underdogs in this tourney but we managed to have a good day of it getting two wins versus one second place finish. But doing a lot of running at 5,000 feet in elevation took its toll on me. Plus it was in the mid 90’s temperature wise so I was pretty beat by the time we got done at 5:30 PM.

I went to the High Sierra Brewery and had a lot of beer and a burger before limping on home and hitting the sack. No sign dancing for me. And no tango lessons either.

Carson City/ Virginia City

July 28, 2013

On Sunday we had to be at the park early for two more games. We played but not well enough as the other teams came in next-to-last while we came in second. But that completed 5 games in less than 24 hours. All of them were decided by one run. The last game had to be decided in two overtime sessions. I said goodbye to my Legend team mates and went off on the next leg of my journey.

I headed off to nearby Virginia City which is a small tourist trap town that used to sit on top of one of the largest silver lodes in Nevada. A lot of the original building are still there and have been well kept over the years. The saloons were of particular interest to me since that is where they kept the beer.


Rush hour in Virginia City

After some lunch and browsing the shops a bit I headed off to Reno where I settled in for the night. It is a travel day tomorrow so I hope nothing exciting happens.


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