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Reno to New Orleans

July 29, 2013

I got up early on Monday morning and walked across the street from my hotel and got on an air plane on my way to New Orleans. Flying is by far my least favorite way of traveling. I suppose I like my travel to be more interactive. But it is a means of getting from one point to another and it is safer than taking the train.


The skies were friendly

I eventually got spit out at Louis Armstrong airport in Kenner. I am repeatedly impressed with how small this airport has become and how few flights there are in and out of it. Maybe it is just a case of perspective changing with age but it all seems so tiny in relation to the way I remember it from my youth.

Of course this is the slow season for tourism in New Orleans because it is the middle of summer and unless you have spent some summer time in the southeast portion of the US, you really don’t know what hot is. It was 97 degrees and still when I walked outside to catch a cab to my hotel. And it was threatening rain. I had forgotten that is always threatening rain here.

I checked into my hotel near the French Quarter, turned the air conditioner to 65 and then headed off to Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street never ceases to entertain. As soon as I got there I ran into a parade in progress. It did not have any floats or anything but it did have some brass playing marching songs and some people following along throwing beads to those of us watching. I don’t know if this happens regularly or just whenever the mood strikes. More research is necessary.

What attracts me to Bourbon Street is the music, food and beer. The street is lined with bars, most had a band playing and quite a few of them serve food. So I hopped from one to another, listened, ate and drank. The music was varied with a notable absence of Jazz. The food is mostly Cajun, mostly seafood, always good. The beer was a bit off in that the micro brewery craze has not taken hold here.


Pretty Building

I called it an early evening before things got too out of hand.


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