Wasting Away In Magaritaville

July 30, 2013

Wednesday the crab queen let me sleep in which is not a good sign. Her logic is that if the crabs don’t want to bite there is nothing you can do to make them stop. There was no point getting up early if they were being uncooperative. I couldn’t argue with that logic.


But as soon as I got up we had to go set the crab line and check the traps. Once we got done with that we took a long walk down the beach which may be the Crab Queen’s other big activity when spending time on the island.

We retreated to the camp and five o’clock came long before lunch. Some where in there we got a call for help from brother-in-law Lou who needed some help with his fishing boat. It was not to help him unload the fish from his boat because he and nephew Tommy were not doing any better with the speckled trout than we were doing with the crab. We helped him solve his immediate problem and then headed back to the camp.

We spent the day taking turns running the crab line with little or no results. At some point Nephew Jace and his gorgeous girl friend showed up and the whole lot of us moved down to the beach. The kids played in the sand. The adults drank beer and chatted. The crab stayed away.


My sister and I gave up and I got out my American Express lure and we went down to the docks. With one cast I landed 20 pounds of big beautiful Louisiana shrimp. Dinner! We brought them home and had Lou boil them up for us. Then we sat around and told stories of lost watches, lost wallets and dead cats. All of these stories were absolutely true I am sure.


Wendy and Belle

Another day had passed and we had accomplished absolutely nothing. Perfect!


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