The Bite is On


August 2, 2013

It is Friday. Yikes! It seems like I had just gotten here. This was the day I had chosen to leave. A really bad decision on my part.

Belle and I checked the overnight traps and got 41 crabs. The bite was on. No walk for us today. We set the crab line and then took turns running it until the re-enforcements arrived.

Grand Isle is a step back in time. Life moves more slowly there. But the modern world does catch up. When Belle realized the crab were biting she says, “I will text Dee so she will come on down.” The modern world has arrived on Grand Isle. I used the old method and walked the 200 yards back to the camp and told Dee that she should come catch some crabs with us.


Bayou Bob

Even the trout were running in the surf. Lou and Tommy came out with their casting lines and started catching fish from the beach. Once the word got out that the crab were biting, the beach got busy as we took turns seeing who could catch the most crabs on one pass of the lines. The record stood at five until Dee came down and got 11. I believe we had to anoint her as the Crab Princess.

I had to get cleaned up as this day was a travel day for me. By the time I got ready to leave the crabbers had netted around 6-10 dozen of crabs. They get hard to count after a while and bragging sets in so you really never know. I do know they had one heck of a lot of crabs to eat that day.

But I said good bye to everyone and went off with Lou to inspect his latest project which he calls a boat house. It is a house for a boat or two but also a house for a few people. As always, Lou has come up with a way to lower his boat and open the boat house door so he can launch in true James Bond fashion. Apparently, Lou does not get enough fishing time in Grand Isle so he has to have another place from which to fish. I think he just likes building things.


Jason and Tomi Lou

I went off to nearby Houma and had lunch with my wife’s family. It was good to catch up with them and see that they are doing well.

Then it was off to New Orleans for me. It had seemed like a good idea when I set up this trip but I had forgotten how hot the city can get at this time of the year. I checked in my car and checked into a hotel in the French Quarter. I wandered down Bourbon Street listening to music and eating good food but even at night the heat was cloying and I soon got tired of it.


Just legs

But it had become time to ease back into my world. South Louisiana is a different world and I had the perfect tour guides during this trip. Seeing their kids and grand kids doing so well for themselves renewed my hope for the US. As long as there are well centered kids in the world we will all be fine.


My tour guides.

I am going to sign off for this time. Thanks for coming along on my little journey. Until next time…


A shrimp boat on Bayou Lafourche



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2 responses to “The Bite is On

  1. Sounds like what they call “jubilee” in Mobile, only they have shrimp rushing up on the beach! What a wonderful time you have had with family and old friends! The good life!


  2. Mike

    Glad to have met you at Grand Isle with Dee.


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