St George Softball 2-0

On the road to Utah

October 7, 2013

At 6 AM I loaded up my little SUV and headed out. I had to stop and pick up my traveling companion, who we will call Consuela, to protect the innocent. Once we loaded up it was on I-5 south on a cool fall morning. The valley was filled with dust in the air from the recent and ongoing nut harvest but it was pretty as usual as the sun came up.

And that was pretty much how the day went. We stopped a couple of times for gas and pushed on arriving in St George at 4:30 after an uneventful trip. We checked into our hotel room and then went in search of food. Not much luck in that arena as most restaurants were closed on this Sunday. After wandering the streets we opted for a McDonald’s, a place I have not been to in years. But food is food and the chicken wrap was pretty good.

Monday October 7, 2013


Little Valley Softball Complex, St George

We awoke to an overcast day. I made a command decision that I did not like the motel we were staying in and had to find another. But with the games in town I was not hopeful. St George is not a big town and there are a lot of people here playing any number of different sports. But as luck would have it, I found a Day’s Inn with a suitable room so we relocated.

Then I met up with my team, the Great Life Legends, at the Little Valley softball complex for some batting practice out on the soccer field. Then we started our games to determine where we would be seeded in the tournament. Our first game was from a team from Washington. We took an early lead but in the open/last inning they staged a comeback. We did manage to take away a win though.

We immediately had to play another game against a team that I didn’t learn where they were from. We managed to win this game fairy easily and it was called in the sixth inning because we had a 12 run lead and the mercy rule was in effect. I hit an in the park home run and that was my high light of the day.

After cleaning up we went out for dinner at local Wingers restaurant. While I eat a pretty clean diet when I am at home, I like to live on the edge when I am on the road. Eating a normally inedible part of a marginally edible bird is as near the edge as I want to get. I loved it though.


Wingers Roadhouse Grill


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