World Senior Games

Day 2

Oh n one

October 8, 2013

Tuesday was another great day in St George. After breakfast it was off to meet the team and get some batting practice. That went well but the game immediately following did not. We came in second. I did not play well and wonder if I have lost my spot on the team.


St George

After the game we went to a local park for burgers and music with the other softball teams. It was nice. After that Consuela and I went off to visit the St. George Mormon temple here in town. We had a nice visit with one of the elders there and learned all about how the temple came to be located there.


St George Temple

In the evening we went to Dixie College where opening ceremonies were being held. It was a great event with speeches by the founders of the senior games in St. George and a past Olympian. There was local talent putting on a pageant and it all ended up with a great fireworks display. I learned that there are 10,000 athletes here from all 50 states and 21 different countries. Not a bad lot.


Opening Ceremonies

October 9, 2013


Two and Out

Today we started a double elimination tourney at the Canyons Softball Complex. It did not go well. While I will give the competition all the credit they deserve, we did not play very well, me especially. I did well enough with my fielding, catching everything that came my way. My hitting was horrible. I did manage to launch a solo shot over an ivy covered 300 foot fence, a first for me. All seven of my other home runs have been in the park this season. But that was in a losing effort. I need to get way more consistent with my hitting and I will. But not this year as serious tournament play is over for the season

The entire team met for dinner at Iggy’s Sports bar where we had a farewell dinner. With enough lubrication and good food we all licked our wounds in good humor. We split up after dinner with the majority of the team heading back to California on Thursday. I am going to stay in St George and see the local sights for a few days. So ends my World Senior Games outing. Let the next chapter begin.



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