A Cold and Rainy Day


October 10, 2013

Thursday was a rainy day in Utah. Since my team had been eliminated from the competition, the Consuela and I decided to go visit the furloughed National Parks. Along the way we ran across a 106 year old fruit cake and had to stop and take a picture or two. There was no 106 year old milk to go with it so we left it where we found it. Now that “old piece of fruitcake” had been crossed off of the bucket list, the list has gotten short indeed.


106 YO fruit cake with slightly younger fruit loop.

Then we continued to Zion National Park. Once we arrived there we found any number of park ranges guarding the gates to tell us that the park was closed. We could go in and see the sights but we weren’t allowed to stop. And then there were a number of rangers on patrol to make sure that we did not stop. And they had put considerable effort into blocking off every turn out so no one could stop and bother the furloughed trees and rocks. Now that is just mean. So we are now paying park rangers to not work or to work at making sure that the taxpaying public does not enjoy the national parks. I guess that is better than having the federal government shut down and have no one notice.


Still pretty even when furloughed.

It was cold rainy and snowy all day so we thought we would stop for a cup of coffee. A lot of the businesses in the area are suffering a bit because of the lack of traffic to the parks so we thought we would boost the local economy. We chose to stop at the place where the Hos were working. This seems to be a general theme in my travels. In any case I would rather support the local Hos as opposed to the ones in Washington.


I often wondered what happened to Hos after they had been laid off.

The rest of the day’s travel was through high mountains with spitting snow and sleet ruining the chances for any good pictures. But we did find a light house which seems a bit out of place in what is basically a high desert.


Land Locked light house.

Returning to St. George we went out for dinner and to watch the football and baseball games at a local sports bar. A good day over all.


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  1. Boren

    Looking good Bob 🙂


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